XYZ Lab Pricing

Pricing Chart

The XYZ Lab is available to all University areas with associated costs. We always prioritize students enrolled in Department of Art courses and Department of Art Faculty.


1) Undergraduate students are limited to 6 hours of time with the machines and technicians per month. If students abuse this privilege it is within the right of the technician to reduce this number in any amount they deem appropriate. Project time-estimates can be given at consultation appointments.

2) When arriving to an appointment with a technician you must have the majority (if not all) of your file work done; technicians are available solely for the purpose of transferring your files into a usable state so that they can be read by the machine to etch or cut, they are not at your disposal to create the content of your work. It is greatly to your advantage to do your file work outside of the laser room and to use your appointment technician time for machine work.  

3) If you are in need of file work assistance beyond the basic transferring of files to a usable state so they can be read by the machine, you will be charged an hourly rate for all file creation and file work editing. You will be charged the full hourly rate whether it takes the entire hour or not.

We also sell a variety of materials in the lab for laser cutting, CNC milling and 3D Printing. Here is a link to a list of what we have in stock and material pricing. 

Alumni Access Policy

Alumni access to the XYZ Lab is available for CLA alumni only, in the support of their continued artistic practice post-graduation. Alumni access is dependent on technician and machine availability throughout the Academic year, as enrolled students will always have XYZ Lab priority.

Grants and Special Projects:

If you are hoping to use the lab equipment for a special project or grant related work and the normal lab hours, usage policy and or the pricing structure may not be sufficient, please contact Robin Schwartzman to discuss the scope and terms of the work you are proposing. Depending upon the circumstances, special arrangements may be provided for larger projects.

* Other projects that do not adhere strictly to the above guidelines and qualifications may only be considered upon proposal review and special approval by Robin Schwartzman