Below are a number of resources, tutorials and demos. If you have a request for additional tutorials or resources, please let us know! Send an e-mail request to Robin Schwartzman at [email protected]

Laser Cutting

Official XYZ Lab Lasercutting Guide

Laser Cutter file prep tips by Camille O'Leary

Laser Cutter Project Samples by Camille O'Leary

Open Source Nesting software

Template Maker

Maker Case

Laser File Setup

Laser File Setup - Illustrator Tutorial

Illustrator Live Trace Tutorial

Illustrator Live Trace Tutorial

Roland SV-12 Vinyl Cutter Demo

3D Printing File Prep

Model Union in Rhino

3D Printing File Prep

Mesh Export Settings Rhino

Ceramic Decal Printing

Ceramic Decal Printer Tutorial

Printmaking with the Laser Cutter

Laser Engraved Woodblock and Laser Cut Chine Colle Demo

Other Fun Projects

Hanging Mobile Demo

Other Fun Projects

Paper Chair Demo